Concrete field results demonstrate approach effeciency the best.

We are on the field to support conservation of our planet’s biodiversity and climate through local actors from Southeast Asia to Central America with an extensive involvement in Africa and Madagascar.

Net Positive Impact field projects are exciting thanks to committed people. They all associate the needs of the local populations with environment conservation by promoting local empowerment.

The Net Positive Impact Program is designed to help showcase economic models of the 21st century. Every person should be able to commit for a decent livelihood, caring for the poorest and for the future of young generations, in need of a healthy environment.

It is in this framework that the social and environmental company “Connected Beauties” was created. Together we are going to develop high added value products designed for Western markets. These products should allow to equally share the profits with the poorest populations on the field.

We are developing ethical commercial channels to support local populations involved in environment conservation. We are also simply seeking to help them communicate about their basic needs.

It is necessary to find philanthropic financial support that will create a motivating framework for local development, thus allowing the poorest to evolve positively in their environment.

You can get involved and follow the communities of Amboseli in Kenya, of Tofala Hill in Cameroon, of Sangako in Senegal, the elephant corridor of Burkina Faso, the Moringa farmers in Tanzania, various sites in Madagascar, Virachey in Cambodia, Bardia in Nepal and Paso del Istmo in Nicaragua, and hopefully many more to come.



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