Concrete field results demonstrate approach effeciency the best.

We are on the field to support conservation of our planet’s biodiversity and climate through local actors from Southeast Asia to Central America with an extensive involvement in Africa and Madagascar.

Net Positive Impact field projects are exciting thanks to committed people. They all associate the needs of the local populations with environment conservation by promoting local empowerment.

The Net Positive Impact Program is designed to help showcase ethical economic models to support local populations involved in preserving the environment, but we are also looking to find financial help for local populations basic needs.

It is also necessary to find philanthropic financial supports to create motivating frames of local development, for the poorest to positively evolve in their own environment.

Two projects are particularly followed, in order to show the relevance of holistic approaches linking economy, environment and fight against poverty; one in a area rich in biodiversity, the other for the elephants.

We would like to invite everyone of you to follow the initiatives developed with the communities of Amboseli in Kenya, Tofala Hill in Cameroon, Sangako in Senegal, with the moringa planters in Tanzania, local communities in Madagascar, Virachey in Cambodia, Bardia in Nepal and Paso del Itsmo in Nicaragua, and many more in the future.



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