Initiated by Olivier BEHRA, innovative and committed environmentalist, Net Positive Impact welcomes all those who desire a better world and are willing to take future-oriented and concrete actions.



Members of the Net Positive Impact Program get involved according to their means and time available.

Taking into account the social, environmental and economical aspects on the field calls for holistic approaches and therefore, multidisciplinary teams that interact. It is even more essential when we want to create educational and creative links between the North and the South.

The Net Positive Impact Program is designed to bring dynamic solutions and its founding members have very different backgrounds: journalists, agricultural engineers, film directors, founders/managers of associations, students, company managers, doctors, etc. They are based in France, USA, Madagascar, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

Olivier Behra, Patrick Behra, Laurent Bignolas, Pablo Bouillot, Marcel Cecchetti, Senda Bonnet, Estelle Boutheloup, Stéphanie Cascino, Florence Cazanobe, Karen Christiaens, Elie Getz, Jerome Graveleau, Michael Grimm, Ulysse Lardy, Bruno Nemsgern, Amandine Oberlin, Saroy Rasoloson, Delphine Roullet, Nathanael Westphal, Christophe Wolff.

The members of the Net Positive Impact Program all have something in common, be they young or more experienced, and that is the motivation to act for a better world.

We hope many more will join us!


The headquarters are based in Paris but every effort is made to allow members around France and worldwide to actively participate in the developed initiatives through Internet connections.




« Net Positive Impact » is an independent program hosted by the non-profit organization Man and the Environment France.
Man and the Environment France is an international aid organization that was officially registered on the 16th of March 2006 (under the N° SIRET: 5023 157 160 0014) by the Colmar prefecture. The organization has been recognized as one of general interest since the 20th of November 2009 and thus able to offer a tax reduction up to 66% for private individuals and 60% for companies. For each exercise, its accounts are subject to an external audit verified by the State.