Health center

The Ambavaniasy village is located near the Vohimana reserve, east of Madagascar. Isolated from other communities and far from the nearest town hospital, the village health center is the only one in 20 km to ensure basic care for diseases and birth. In order to provide inhabitants with the best quality of care possible and ensure on the long-term the survival of the health center, it is necessary to electrify it, employ full-time the nurse… Continue reading


Two distilleries were constructed by the NGO in order to provide villagers a generating-income activity. A local association was created, with 191 members including 127 women. The distilleries goal is to prove to the villagers that preserving the forest is financially more interesting for them than practices destroying it, as slash-and-burn culture. Research and development actions were undertook for 10 years on aromatic interest plants, resulting in two local plants now produced in large quantities… Continue reading


Since 2017, reforesting projects focus on specific utility species with several objectives: - restore lemurs habitats and provide them with nourishment needed for survival - plant fruit trees for inhabitants - plant economical interest forest species - plant firewood - limit landslide risks - conserve endangered species. Lemur trees 5000 lemurs interest trees were planted to link the Vohimana forest with the ecotourism infrastructure. Reforesting young seedlings interesting for lemurs habitat conservation, the emblematic and… Continue reading


In order to support in sustainable way the conservation of the Vohimana forest, the NGO L'Homme et l'Environnement constructed an ecotourism infrastructure in the forest, the naturalist Relay. A local association of 40 villagers, included 20 women, supported by Net Positive Impact, is responsible of ecotourism management. The Relay generates revenues for local people while raising awareness about biodiversity protection. Moreover, guides and tourists presence can discourage possible wood poachers. Deforestation was thus less important… Continue reading

The school

The Ambavaniasy village is located near the Vohimana reserve, east of Madagascar. 250 children age 6 to 11 are going to receive a basic education. In 2017, a cyclone destroyed two classrooms. In a country with low access to education, it is a key issue to allow children to go to school. Madagascar is currently not capable of providing a basic education for the whole Malagasy population. De facto, UNICEF stated that Madagascar is one… Continue reading