Health center 20 June 2018 – Posted in: Madagascar

The Ambavaniasy village is located near the Vohimana reserve, east of Madagascar. Isolated from other communities and far from the nearest town hospital, the village health center is the only one in 20 km to ensure basic care for diseases and birth.

In order to provide inhabitants with the best quality of care possible and ensure on the long-term the survival of the health center, it is necessary to electrify it, employ full-time the nurse and provide medical equipment.

Malagasy biodiversity protection is a key issue. Slash-and-burn culture, a widespread practice, threatens the unique flora and fauna diversity living in the Vohimana forest. Because biodiversity can only be preserved if humans can live in decent conditions, a health center was constructed by the ONG in the year 2000 in the Ambavaniasy village.

Inhabitants indeed did not have access to health care, the nearest health center being located 20 km away, making it difficult, if impossible, for pregnant women to go.

The health center can treat respiratory diseases, malaria and diarrhea, particularly dramatic for children. The center can also provide medical assistance and required hygiene conditions while deliveries; maternal and child mortality rate being extremely high in rural regions and in the country.

Demand is very high from local communities, illness cases being frequents and birth rate being at 5 a month on average.

In 2017, the association les Amis de Coralie financed 6 months of the nurse salary and restoration work to increase patients comfort. A convention was signed with the Malagasy State and a nurse was sent to help the local nurse.

However the local nurse salary and medicine supply are not covered in the long term, threatening the center and inhabitants survival.

The needs are the following:

  • Ensure the nurse salary
  • Undertake restoration work
  • Provide medicine supply
  • Electrify the health center with solar power
  • Buy ultrasound scan for pregnant women


The objective is for the health center to become independent and financed by ecotourism profits.