Distilleries 20 June 2018 – Posted in: Madagascar

Two distilleries were constructed by the NGO in order to provide villagers a generating-income activity. A local association was created, with 191 members including 127 women.

The distilleries goal is to prove to the villagers that preserving the forest is financially more interesting for them than practices destroying it, as slash-and-burn culture.

Research and development actions were undertook for 10 years on aromatic interest plants, resulting in two local plants now produced in large quantities (maniguette and

Trees with leaves used to make essential oils were planted (ravintsara), showing the interest of profitable reforesting. Ginger culture has been developed for local essential oils production, involving 120 farmers in sustainable agriculture practices. Stable markets have been identified and contracts signed with buyers on fair trade basis.

But after a cyclone on 2017, the two distilleries were partially destroyed. In order to reconstruct the infrastructures and guarantee the villagers secure jobs, a financial support is necessary.