The school 19 June 2018 – Posted in: Madagascar

The Ambavaniasy village is located near the Vohimana reserve, east of Madagascar. 250 children age 6 to 11 are going to receive a basic education. In 2017, a cyclone destroyed two classrooms. In a country with low access to education, it is a key issue to allow children to go to school.

Madagascar is currently not capable of providing a basic education for the whole Malagasy population. De facto, UNICEF stated that Madagascar is one of the country with less access to education in the world, and even more in rural zones.

That is why a school was created by the NGO L’Homme et l’environnement in 2005. The free school of Ambavaniasy welcomes 250 children and employs 5 teachers.

But in 2017, a cyclone devastated the roof of two classrooms. Children and their teachers are therefore unable to use this building and have to go outside or in unsuitable buildings to learn. It is urgent to reconstruct the roof to ensure the children have access to suitable and comfortable classrooms and can learn in the best conditions possible.

Reconstructing the school is a key issue for children education. Villagers are very involved in the project and have constructed a room for the new teacher in 2014, thanks to profits generated with Vohimana ecotourism.

The Education project in Ambavaniasy includes 3 steps :

– Reconstructing the roof and the floor of one building

– Provide learning/teaching school equipment for pupils and teachers

– Pay 2 teachers for one year

In order to increase education access conditions and reduce the very high children malnutrition rate, a project of canteen for children going to school is being considered.

Supporting a child and sending him to the canteen will only cost 70 euros a year per children.