Reforesting 19 June 2018 – Posted in: Madagascar

Since 2017, reforesting projects focus on specific utility species with several objectives:

– restore lemurs habitats and provide them with nourishment needed for survival

– plant fruit trees for inhabitants

– plant economical interest forest species

– plant firewood

– limit landslide risks

– conserve endangered species.

Lemur trees

5000 lemurs interest trees were planted to link the Vohimana forest with the ecotourism infrastructure. Reforesting young seedlings interesting for lemurs habitat conservation, the emblematic and endangered species of Madagascar, restored 1,43 hectares of degraded lands in 2017. In February 2018, more than 500 seedlings were replanted by the local law application committee, the public school of Ambavaniasy and the charcoal and firewood sustainable production management local association.

More than 2000 seedlings will be planted by the local association of essential oils production and the local association of ecotourism management.

Fruit trees

5000 fruit trees seedlings were distributed to volunteer farmers that have followed and put in place techniques taught during formation sessions organized by the NGO.

Forest species

5000 forest species trees with valorization potential were planted in the zone. The reforesting local association ZANATANY is in charge of nursery and reforesting seedlings.


Firewood were planted in the objective of providing an income-generating activity for farmers and a local sustainable source of energy.

Limit landslides risks

Landslides risks in Madagascar are increasing due to deforestation and climate change, jeopardizing villages and infrastructures.
Net Positive Impact secured 1600 m² of surface with vetiver, a plant with roots so deep they can stabilize land.

The eroded/at risk perimeter around the ecotourism infrastructure was secured, in order to guarantee the duration of plantations, fix the ground and reduce, if eliminate, landslide risks on the infrastructure.

Species conservation

An in situ conservatory was created with 10 endemic palm trees species included 8 endangered. The goal is to conserve the species in case they go extinct in Madagascar.

Local association

The tree nursery local association is responsible for growing seedling and plantation.

43 villagers, including 25 women, are part of it.