Ecotourism 19 June 2018 – Posted in: Madagascar

In order to support in sustainable way the conservation of the Vohimana forest, the NGO L’Homme et l’Environnement constructed an ecotourism infrastructure in the forest, the naturalist Relay.

A local association of 40 villagers, included 20 women, supported by Net Positive Impact, is responsible of ecotourism management. The Relay generates revenues for local people while raising awareness about biodiversity protection.

Moreover, guides and tourists presence can discourage possible wood poachers. Deforestation was thus less important in Vohimana than in some protected areas of Madagascar.

But in 2017, a cyclone destroyed some parts of the ecotourism infrastructure. The local staff remained extremely motivated and some parts have been reconstructed, allowing the Relay to welcome tourists again. But infrastructures improvement is still necessary.

The project includes 5 steps :

– Infrastructure improvement

– Local staff organization for tourists catering and accommodation

– Lemurs observation tours promotion

– Turbine installation to provide stable electricity

– Ecotourism promotion

The goal is that benefits generated can be used to pay local staff and equipment, and to help the school and the health center of Ambavaniasy.